Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sam Shepard, Jessica Lang, Kirsten Giroux

Lang and Shepard, Boston, 1980's.

Maybe this has happened to you.  I was having breakfast with a Boston actress, Kirsten Giroux sometime in the late 1980's.  There was a couple at the next table. The woman looked really familiar. I kept thinking that I knew her from someplace and that inevitably she would look over and see me and saw hello and I wouldn't have clue who she was but I would have to pretend that I did. I would have to get Kirsten to introduce herself so the woman would tell her name because I couldn't remember it. I would have to prep Kirsten to do this before she recognized me. I kept flipping through my history - grade school, high school, university, jobs, trying to place her. I even started to "age" kids I knew in grammar school to see if I could match her up with somebody. Funny how quickly you become obsessed with something like this. I could always just say "Don't I know you from someplace?" if it came to that. I leaned over the table and whispered to Kirsten "I think I went to high school with the woman at the next table." Kirsten (who is a terrific actor)  smiled and said "Oh did you really?" " Yes, I said, " but I can't think of her name. "  "Did you go to school with Sam Shepard too? Because that's Jessica Lang", Kirsten said. Just then Shepard and Lang looked over at us and we exchanged nods.

Kirsten Giroux teaching in Oregon, 2013.

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