Friday, March 13, 2015

Sid Caesar

The summer after my first year of teaching video and photography at the Atlanta College Art in 1976 I got a fellowship at WSB - the local NBC TV station. I had no real idea what I would do there other than get exposure to TV production. But one of the perks was meeting celebrities that came to the station. There were a number of them - John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Joel Gray, Carol Channing - more later about some of them - but the highlight for me was Sid Caesar. I had grown up watching Your Show of Shows and other productions he had done. I knew a lot of the bits by heart. That day he had a cold and was a little grumpy at his interview but gracious anyway. I was allowed to record the interview with my reel to reel black and white half inch video gear which he got a kick out of - shooting him in B&W.  I forget now most of what was said in the excitement of doing the shoot. The tragedy struck when I got back to the art school studio and realized I had threaded the tape backwards and didn't record a thing.  A Syd Caesar gag if there ever was one.

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